Rambling Slider Rails Rails integration for jQuery Rambling Slider

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The rambling-slider-rails is an integration of our jQuery Rambling Slider with the Rails asset pipeline. It makes the slider easier to include and is guaranteed to have the latest slider version available.


Add the following line to your Gemfile :

gem 'rambling-slider-rails'

And proceed to run:

bundle install


After the installation is complete, you can include the jQuery Rambling Slider on the application.js with:

//= require jquery
//= require jquery.rambling.slider

And the slider's styles on the application.css with:

 *= require jquery.rambling.slider

You can also include the slider on a specific page with the javascript_include_tag and the stylesheet_link_tag like this:

= javascript_include_tag 'jquery.rambling.slider'
= stylesheet_link_tag 'jquery.rambling.slider'

Remember to initialize the jQuery Rambling Slider with:

$(function() {

And you're good to go!

Further Documentation

You can find more documentation on how to use the jQuery Rambling Slider on the project's home page and the project's repository on GitHub as well as the project's wiki on GitHub


If you find any bug, feel free to report it through the project's GitHub issues.

You can also send us an email to development@ramblinglabs.com, with your questions and feature requests.

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