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  • The jQuery 1.7 .animate() method and percentages

    As you may know, the jQuery Rambling Slider contains several animations. Some of them depend on changing the height of a div using percentages. Like this one:

    slice.animate { height: '100%', opacity: '1.0' }, settings.speed

    The problem with this is that with jQuery 1.7, the '100%' was getting parsed to just '100', so the height ended up being '100px'.

    Thankfully, there's an easy workaround:

    slice.animate { height: "#{slider.height()}px", opacity: '1.0' }, settings.speed

    In this case, the slider is the container for the slice. So I just made the slice's height to be animated to the slider's total height instead of using percentages.

    I submitted a bug to the jQuery bug tracker, but it got closed almost instantaneously because there is already a fix for this, scheduled to be included in jQuery 1.7.1.

    Anyways, I think I won't be using percentages anymore. :P

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