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  • jQuery Rambling Slider has been released!

    A while ago I was looking for a good image slider jQuery plugin to use on a project, and Nivo Slider turned out to be the best candidate. I made some modifications for my needs at the moment and issued a pull request, but had no luck. I also said that if my pull request didn't get accepted or took too long to be accepted, I would release it myself.

    Guess what? I got tired of waiting, so here it is!
    I just uploaded my first stable release of the now called jQuery Rambling Slider. :)

    It's still basically the same Nivo Slider with the tweaks I made in my fork. It's now written in CoffeeScript, which I'm having a lot of fun with, while the compiled JavaScript files are in the "lib/" directory of the repository.

    I plan on continue developing some more tweaks and probably do a major refactoring. Meanwhile, though, don't be afraid to download version 0.1.0 from GitHub!

    You can also browse the tags on GitHub.

    UPDATE 1
    Version 0.1.1 was released.

    UPDATE 2
    Version 0.1.2 was released.


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