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  • Rambling Trie 0.4.1 is out!

    Version 0.4.1 of the Rambling Trie is here. It has some minor performance improvements over previous versions, changes in file/directoy structure, as well as a new API entry point, other API methods and more documentation.

    You can now instance a new trie like this:

    trie = Rambling::Trie.create


    The old API entry point Rambling::Trie.new is now marked as deprecated and will be removed soon. Use the new Rambling::Trie.create method.

    Also, you can add words to the trie using <<:

    trie << 'word'

    And check if a word is contained in the trie with include?:

    trie.include? 'word'

    You can see more documentation available on the project's repository on GitHub, and a full description of classes, modules and methods on the project's Yard documentation on RubyDoc.info.

    This marks the start of a streamline of changes to come, which will include new API methods (like the Enumerable methods) and further code and performance improvements.

    Stay tuned!

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