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  • Rambling Trie 0.3.3 has been released!

    The new version of the rambling-trie gem is out!
    As I said on my previous post, the rambling-trie is an implementation of the Trie data structure in Ruby.

    Version 0.3.3 has several performance improvements, and I also added the code's documentation via Yard.
    Also, since the previous version (0.3.2), the methods has_branch_for? and is_word? have been fixed for the compressed trie.

    For the uncompressed trie, the has_branch_for? and is_word? methods work very fast. The compressed trie's is_word? method is as fast as it's uncompressed counterpart, but the has_branch_for? is a bit slower.

    I've also added some benchmarking reports for each version of the rambling-trie on GitHub. These results show the time taken for 200,000 calls of each method for the same words.

    To install the latest version, simply run gem install rambling-trie or include it on your Gemfile. In case you have an older version already installed, run gem update rambling-trie, or if you have in your Gemfile, run bundle update rambling-trie.

    You can see more information about how to use it on the project's readme on GitHub.
    Also, you can see the API documentation on the project's page on RubyDoc.info.



    Version 0.3.1 was broken, so it was yanked from the RubyGems repository.

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