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  • New look for Rambling Labs!

    As you may have noticed, our logo, our favicon, and our site and blog have a new look.
    We have added a pretty Home page, a cool Contact page and an informative About us page.
    Also, the blog has moved from it's original location at the root of the ramblinglabs.com domain to ramblinglabs.com/blog. Every old blog post link and blog tag link has been taken care of and redirects to the new location.

    The site is gonna be used as our portfolio site, and will be our first thing to show to our customers.
    We plan to use it as the center of our developed products and projects.
    But, hey, don't worry, we won't stop blogging!

    How the site came to be for the first time, a few months ago, is a funny story. My partner told me that we should start blogging. I wasn't quite amused with the idea, and I didn't want to be a part of it. But when I was shown the actual blog, I got all excited and asked to be included again. Then, I blogged once, and didn't blog again for about two months. Yet, here I am now.

    This has been an interesting journey, and I want it to continue like this.
    We have plenty of ideas and will be updating the site frequently with new posts, more information and new pages.

    We've had enormous fun building this site.
    Personally, I've learned a lot more about rails and some gems out there (which we will be posting about soon).

    If you happen to find a bug or have any suggestion, please contact us at development@ramblinglabs.com.
    We will be glad to hear from you.

    Enjoy our new look!
    We certainly are enjoying it!


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