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  • Rails 3.1 "rails server" error Could not find a JavaScript runtime

    I upgraded to rails 3.1.0 and created a new 'test_app'.

    rails new test_app

    Got into the directory. Everything was fine, until I tried to run:

    rails server

    It threw a weird error:

    Could not find a JavaScript runtime.
    See https://github.com/sstephenson/execjs for a list of available runtimes.

    That's kinda weird. What does a rails app have to do with any JavaScript runtime? I guess it's support for something that I still don't know anything about.

    I googled that and found a stackoverflow question. So, two solutions for the issue: either*** install nodejs*** or include "gem 'execjs'" and "gem 'therubyracer'" in the Gemfile and run bundle install.

    Pick your favorite one and continue to do awesome apps with rails!

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